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Ballen County is located in the Mojave Desert in southern Nevada, encompassing an area of 25,000 square miles. Population in Ballen County exceeds 150,000. The county seat is Ballen Town. Ballen County is home to the cities of Ballen Town, Sabrinaville, Jefferson, Faithville, Mount Jeremiah, and Lake Catherine. Ballen County’s mission statement consists of only four words: “Fail Forward. No Excuses.”

Ballen CountyBallen Town, Ballen County’s most affluent city, is a master-planned community designed to be disruptive in productive ways. The city prides itself on community involvement, fitness, festivals, conventions, and financial freedom. Ballen Town’s motto is, “A Life to Be Proud Of”.

Big Red Ballen Transportation is the transit system servicing Ballen County. Double-Decker, open-top red Ballen buses operate daily between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., including holidays. Ballen Transit encourages public transportation for conservation. Each of the environmentally friendly buses in the Big Red Ballen Transportation System is branded with the catchphrase, “Forward Thinking”. Unique to Ballen County, buses are equipped with high-speed internet and seatback desks to encourage productivity en route.

Ballen County receives drizzling rains throughout the year, earning its nickname, “The Rain Maker”. In spite of the frequent rain showers, Ballen County receives golden rays of sunshine an average of 300 days per year. During summer months, average high temperatures are around 90 degrees. Winter lows reach an average of 45 degrees.

There are more than 150 schools in Ballen County, including private, public, charter schools, and colleges. Additionally, Ballen County prides itself on continued adult education, so the county is no stranger to workshops and seminars hosted by Ballen Town’s state of the art convention center, Ballen Academy. Big Red Ballen area transit provides discounted transportation to community members with an education pass, a pass earned with a commitment to continued education.

Ballen County’s terrain is mostly desert, but the areas around Lake Catherine and Mount Jeremiah are rich with outdoor recreational activities. Lake Catherine is known for its tranquil waters, perfect for water sports such as boating, fishing, and jet skiing. Mount Jeremiah, one of Ballen County’s most visible monuments, is ideal for snow skiing and mountain lodge resort-style comforts. Sabrinaville is Ballen County’s electronics hub, recognized for its technological advancements.

Ballen County, an area once barren and abandoned, is now a flourishing area with a vibe of “can do”, and lavish, active lifestyles earned through hard work and continued education.

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