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Staging your home is a critical element when you’re preparing to list your house for sale. While every room is important and should be adequately prepared for showings, the kitchen could be considered the most important room in your home. Members of a household spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen preparing meals, and the condition of your kitchen could make or break your experience in selling your property at the price point you desire. Here are seven tips for successfully staging your kitchen.

  1. Stage your kitchenDeclutter. Counter-tops should be free of unnecessary items and debris. When counters are bogged down with cookbooks, mail, dishes, or other items, they appear smaller and less attractive. Buyers love spacious countertops, so keep counters clear to make them more appealing. People attending your open house will open cabinets and drawers, so simplify wherever possible. Keep enough dishes to suit your current needs while living in the home, but eliminate anything you don’t use. Dishes and food items in cabinets, cupboards, and pantries should be well-organized, so the areas appear spacious and roomy. Storage is important to potential buyers, and it’s deceiving if they open a cabinet to have Tupperware spill out on them during their viewing.
  1. Clean. Cleanliness is imperative in the kitchen, particularly because it can be a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Potential buyers should be able to see themselves cooking in that space, and if they’re put-off by dirt and grime, those daydreams wither. Trash cans should be emptied to prevent odd odors, and refrigerators should be free of poor-smelling foods. When a potential buyer inhales sour or discomforting smells, it may lead them to wonder what’s lurking under the surface of your home. A clean environment gives the impression that the structure has been well cared for in your tenure as the homeowner. Don’t forget under the kitchen sink. This area should be dry and well kept.
  1. Update. Buyers love modern kitchens with updated fixtures. You don’t have to invest in top-of-the-line appliances, but shiny-and-new speaks volumes to buyers, and you’ll more than likely see a healthy return on that investment. If necessary, replace the fixtures on cabinets and cupboards, so they’re up-to-date and timeless. Replacing handles on cupboards and cabinets could be inexpensive, yet add value to the appearance of your kitchen. A fresh coat of paint on dingy or outdated cabinets can work wonders on adding a vibrant splash to the room.
  1. Neutralize. Use colors on walls, floors, window coverings, and accents that are warm, neutral colors. While you might love your bright red feature wall or rooster wallpaper, not everyone will, so tone things down with soft grays, browns, olive or sage colors, or other earth-tones to soften the room.
  1. Impersonalize. Remove items such as collectibles, pictures magnetized to the refrigerator, grocery lists, photos, or anything that might make a potential buyer feel like they’re encroaching on your space. Buyers want to imagine their belongings in the home, not be subjected to yours. Add lively decor such as plants, flowers, or fruit that add pops of color without being overwhelming. These colorful elements help the environment look inviting and refreshing, attractively lived-in, and yet impersonal.
  1. Maximize. Window coverings should be properly installed. Drapes or curtains placed too low from the ceiling or too high from the floor minimize the effects of windows. If windows have coverings other than blinds, those coverings should reach all the way from the top of the wall to the bottom, maximizing the size of the window. Keep window coverings open to allow in natural light, and to give buyers access to the views available from the kitchen.
  1. Welcome. Consider having fresh-baked goods available. Baked goods not only make the space seem more inviting but adds a delicious aroma to the home.

Stage your kitchen in such a way that buyers fall in love with the daydreams manifesting during their walkthrough. With a bit of cleaning, fresh paint, and thoughtful decorative elements, your kitchen could be the best selling point your home has to offer potential buyers.

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